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i can feel them
crawling under my skin,
surging, pulsing,
as if they are one huge form
threatening to burst through,
blocking my throat so that i cannot scream,
scratching and biting at my eyes so that i do not see.
i can still hear people wondering
if am i okay.
but, because i cannot speak,
and because they control me,
force me to not react,
i can only nod.
"i am okay," i lie through my teeth.
i cannot say otherwise; they will stop me.
they block my tears inside my soul,
letting them build up.
they continue to crawl,
making my hairs stand on end;
from fear of them or myself,
i cannot tell anymore.
it is as if they and i are one and the same now.
they are part of me.
i cannot stop them from controlling me.
i would say that, if i hurt you,
then it is not me; it is these creatures,
this one mob inside me.
but it is me.
they control me; they are me.
what terrifying things can they cause me to do?
what horrible things can i do?
they consume entire bodies
with some strange, ma
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conjugating fates
let's conjugate our collective fate.
one, two, three,
one, two, three.
i will die,
you will die,
he, she, it will die.
we will die,
you all will die,
they will die.
everyone will die.
but we're realists, not pessimists.
i'll be okay,
you'll be okay,
he, she, and it will be okay.
we'll be okay,
you'll all be okay,
and they will be okay.
everyone will die,
but everyone will be okay.
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what light shall i be?
perhaps i shall be a fairy light,
on a string with others,
decorating the happy days,
sending messages of hope and joy.
or perhaps i shall be a candle,
providing little light,
but still lending people warmth and comfort.
maybe my light will be pink and tickling.
maybe it will be blue, cool and calming.
i wonder, might it be red and warning?
whatever the light, i musn't let myself be put out.
i must stay bright, so i may act as a beacon,
so other lights may flicker on and shine,
perhaps brighter than my own.
if our lights work together,
we will be like a galaxy,
no, an entire universe,
working in harmony to create something beautiful.
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everyone was dead today.
we all sat around in circles and laughed,
we all sat around in crowds and cried,
we all walked around aimlessly trying to figure ourselves out.
when the time came to reveal ourselves,
we spoke,
and the others gasped,
sometimes with amusement,
sometimes with despair.
it might have been fake, but the emotion was there.
we have all felt it, we have all experienced it.
it's all a show, it's supposed to be this way.
we create something fictional,
and put a piece of our souls into it.
but if everyone is creating the same thing,
is it really that fictional after all?
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perhaps it's time for this hopeless romantic to express themselves.
what are words?
they're just combinations of sounds you can make with breathing and moving your mouth in memorized ways.
or, they're combinations of squiggles on a piece of paper, or a screen, in lines from left to right.
they usually mean something.
they can mean physical things,
like apples,
or tables,
or chairs.
they can mean abstract things,
like numbers (one, two, three, four),
or emotions (i declare i love you more).
words are strange.
do they really mean anything?
each one holds a general meaning, sure,
but what do they matter?
they can be used untruthfully.
i can say that i love you three thousand times,
and yet, it won't make a difference.
but if i were to kiss you and hold you and caress you,
and hug you and support you and comfort you,
and sing and dance and laugh with you,
then you would know.
but i can't do that.
and that's why i worry.
i swear that i love you, i would swear on my life.
but i can't
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you're out having fun
dancing and talking with our few but close friends
while i sit at home
listening to our songs
pretending you're here dancing with me
pretending i'm not going to make you sick
pretending we're okay and together and happy
how do you do this so much
you create worlds with your eloquence
i guess it just takes practice
how can i possibly help you join with others who can do the same when i
a simpleton among kings and queens
cannot do so much as make words rhyme without cursing
you're wild
although i've done this before
can't even come close to how amazing you are
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from me to you
okay fine, ill say it straight (as if we were):
i love you.
yeah, okay, ive said it tons of times.
but any old person can do that,
so what difference does it make?
well hey, it makes a difference to me.
it might not seem like it,
but i only say those words to people who deserve it.
then again, everyone deserves it.
my point is, youre beautiful, amazing, magical, etc, etc.
(i have to stop because ill run out of words and ill just start repeating myself.
maybe i shouldve payed a bit more attention to our vocabulary words last year.)
but who cares about all that? thats school, that's people judging us, you,
for what you can and cannot do.
who fucking cares about them.
not i.
well, okay, yeah, i do, but that doesnt matter.
you matter.
you arent all i care about, that would be unhealthy,
but you do take up a lot of my love capacity.
which is, again, quite big, but you get the point.
you have to be one of the nine muses.
or maybe youre all nine, rolled into one,
like a cat with
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Very Camp Gay by blustar2001 Very Camp Gay :iconblustar2001:blustar2001 0 0
An echo from another world,
of someone threatening to burn me,
to burn the heart out of me,
resounds in my ears.
I had no idea that it would feel this good,
this warm,
this exciting,
this calm,
this right.
It feels as if every moment is another dry leaf,
barely starting in this world but already gone,
consumed by a growing flame.
What is this growing flame,
you ask?
It is none other than love.
This love may be surrounded by water,
but it can make do with what it has:
May we feed this fire with our words,
whether written,
or left as thoughts.
May it consume our actions,
until they are nothing more than flying ashes,
to the point where it annoys others.
Who cares about them, anyway?
They don’t give off warmth or light,
as this love,
this fire,
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Mature content
Ringing :iconblustar2001:blustar2001 0 0
Sunset by blustar2001 Sunset :iconblustar2001:blustar2001 3 0
Everything is confusing and I have no idea what I am doing most of the time and I know pretty much everyone never knows what’s going on the entire time but I still feel like I’m incompetent and like the world would be a better place without me but I know for a fact that people love me and I love them back so I don’t have an excuse for leaving this world but I still feel like I am worthless and useless in the grand scheme of things and that I’m just a speck of flying dust on a beach full of bigger and prettier things than me and I need to calm down but I don’t know how and I’m just a run-on sentence going on forever which no one reads because they don’t have the time because they don’t have a reason to care and I
Everything is okay.
Everything is going so fast,
and I can’t stop it.
And that’s okay.
I’ll be okay.
I’ll be okay.
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Draw the Squad: Star Wars Edition by blustar2001 Draw the Squad: Star Wars Edition :iconblustar2001:blustar2001 12 0 BB-8 by blustar2001 BB-8 :iconblustar2001:blustar2001 2 0
Wishful Thinking
This is the most cliche thing that’s ever happened.
That is,
If I’m not making it all up in my head,
And it’s not all a dream.
I feel as if,
Just maybe,
You’re trying to get to me in a way no one else has.
It’s probably all in my head,
And I’m just making it up,
Because wishful thinking has taken over my life.
You’d know.
I know you would.
It’s you,
After all.
We’ve shared hardships,
And lots of laughter,
But I wonder if we can share more.
Probably not.
In fact,
It’s doubtful.
We probably won’t.
Dreams can become reality,
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Take My Hand by blustar2001 Take My Hand :iconblustar2001:blustar2001 13 2



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